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"Miller Mobile Homes was voted the top home dealer in Alabama"

A special thanks goes out to all our great customers throughout the years

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Mobile Home College Living at Auburn University

Why should you want to live in a mobile home during your college years?

With a mobile home you have your own yard with no one above, below, or beside you making noise while you try to study or sleep. When I was in college at Auburn I lived in a mobile four out of the five years I was there.  Read More

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Each year the Statistical Survey’s Inc. adds up the number of mobile homes sold in each state and by which dealers.


At the end of the year they look at the total and see which dealers had the most customers buy from them. Again this year we were number one in Lee county and the state for single wide’s!! We also finished number one in Lee county and top ten Read More

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                  16X80  3 Bedroom
                  Set-up and A/C




Are Mobile Homes safe During a Tornado?

With the increase of tornadoes this time of year I thought I would give you a little information on mobile homes and there safety.  Properly set-up mobile homes are a lot stronger than you may realize.

Let me start by saying that if a tornado is coming your way please be smart and get to the closest storm shelter you have.  If a tornado directly hits you, it doesn’t matter if you are in a mobile home verses a million dollar brick home, you will be in trouble.  Read More